China – a learner & a leader in green leapfrogging?

Photo by Rob Welham

During the last couple of years, China has taken a huge, globally-recognized step to make its economy more sustainable. The green agenda was added to government programmes, incorporated in business strategies and integrated into teaching schemes. How did this process come to life?

The re-invention of consumption

Sharing can be the new economic paradigm

Consumption is certainly a contested topic. In light of the fact that our planet's resources are finite, we are all aware that aggregate levels of consumption urgently have to come down. But it is hard to know where the “cuts” will come from, and in the past individuals have been discouraged to take action both because of the lack of and the overload of information necessary to make conscious choices.  An alternative solution to “sustainable consumption”, which is associated with minor reforms and incremental changes in behaviour, is the reinvention of consumption itself.  That is the promise of collaborative consumption.