Inclusive Stakeholder Consultation

One outcome of the 2012 Rio+20 Summit was the consensus that green growth is best defined and tailored according to an individual country's context. It was in this light that Zambia sought to develop a coherent Inclusive Green Growth Strategy under its Sixth National Development Plan.

GEC partner IIED assisted in the process by facilitating a July 2013 consultation workshop on 'Inclusive Green Growth' with 3 key aims:

  • To improve the knowledge base that will allow Zambia to make an inclusive green economy transition.
  • To support Zambian strategic decisions under the Sixth National Development Plan revision.
  • To help the attendees from the development community (IIED, OECD and AfDB) to understand and showcase green growth progress and potential in Zambia.

The workshop brought together 26 selected participants from government, private sector, civil society, academic/research institutions, and representatives from the international development community (For details see the 2014 report)

Given that Zambia's proposed policies were at a relatively early stage, the workshop was primarily knowledge-focused and aimed to contribute evidence and ideas rather than full policy initiatives.

Ultimately the consultation was a success, and a process leading into 2014 was initiated which would draft and deliver an appropriate inclusive green growth action/implementation strategy. This strategy would focus on the enabling conditions for inclusive green growth (policies, finance and institutions) and also outline major bankable projects. The OECD, AfDB and IIED indicated their willingness to provide continued support for the Zambian strategy.