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March, 2014

The Dawn of an Age of Green Bonds?

Bridget Boulle - Climate Bonds Initiative

While the terms green and climate bonds are generally used interchangeably, they refer to bonds whose use of proceeds is tied to climate change related investments, or, in some cases, wider environmental projects. They can be general corporate bonds where the finance is earmarked for climate proj... Continue reading

January, 2014

Can the Sustainable Development Goals reduce our appetite?

Lewis Akenji

The answer is in our appetites; our appetite for stuff! All that stuff we dig out of the ground to feed our growth economies, the stuff we buy from supermarkets then use and discard the next day - just think of the excessive shopping and discarding this Christmas season alone - the consequences o... Continue reading

December, 2013

The Social Dimension of Natural Capital

Dario Kenner - Why Green

The natural capital idea is still relatively unheard of but is probably on more people’s radars after the first World Forum on Natural Capital was held in Edinburgh last week. Natural capital is broadly understood to mean placing an econ... Continue reading

October, 2013
The snark.png

The Snark of Inclusive Growth

Michael Green - The Social Progress Imperative

On Thursday we will receive the report from the United Nations General Assembly meeting that has been running in New York since last week. One of the major agenda items has been defining Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) for the world, to replace the Millennium Development Goals (MDGs) that ex... Continue reading

October, 2013

The Green Economist's Tale

Molly Scott-Cato - Professor of Strategy and Sustainability

When I finished my PhD in economics more than a decade ago I felt uncomfortable about calling myself an economist. After all, weren’t they the sort of people who were responsible for the problems I had spent my life trying to solve? How could I label myself as belonging to a profession that... Continue reading

September, 2013
Stock exchange.jpg

Will the capital markets finance the green economy?

Sam Friggens - Writer and Energy Analyst

Consider some numbers for a minute.

Work by the Carbon Tracker Initiative estimates that last year listed fossil fuel companies spent £427bn on developing new reserves of oil, coal and gas – despite the fact we can’t burn all existing reserves to stand a good chance of l... Continue reading

August, 2013

The Caribbean “green economy”: A journey from theory to action

Nicole Leotaud - CANARI

The last several years have been rough for Caribbean economies. Their reliance on natural resource dependent export sectors such as tourism and agriculture make them perpetually vulnerable to global economic shifts and environmental hazards like hurricanes and, over the longer term, climate chang... Continue reading

July, 2013
Fish Farm picture (fish!) (March 15, 2010 (scaled).JPG

How Malawi rediscovered their natural wealth

Poverty Environment Initiative

From the shorelines of Malawi’s great lakes each evening you can see lights blinking of its surface as fishermen hang lamps to attract fish to their boats. It is from here that the famous Chambo comes, a white bream fish and much che... Continue reading

July, 2013

What green growth means in developing countries

Shannon Wang - OECD

A year ago, I attended the Rio+20 Conference at Rio de Janeiro, a city famous for its beach resorts, Carnival, and natural landscape. But to people like me who work on development and environmental issues, Rio is a place of pilgrimage due to its significance in setting the sustainable development... Continue reading

July, 2013

Should nature have to prove its value?

Dr Sian Sullivan - Birkbeck University of London

After reading my blog post 'The natural capital myth' (1), the Green Economy Coalition invited me to write a piece on the ‘debates around valuing natural capital’. The request was to ‘use the article to present my solution for protecting and restoring ou... Continue reading