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September, 2014

What do Switzerland and China Have in Common?

Susan Burns - Global Footprint Network

Did you know the Chinese province of Guizhou in southwest China bears some striking resemblance to Switzerland? I confess I didn't, until I was invited to Guizhou last month to speak at Eco-Forum Global.

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September, 2014
danish grene growth note.jpg

Danish publish new guidance on green growth

Chris Hopkins - Green Economy Coalition

Green Growth is one of four key priority areas in Denmark's development cooperation and engagement program and Danida is keen to engage Danida staff, development cooperation partners and external consultants in promoting inclusive green growth and the ... Continue reading

June, 2014

Real Green Economies: Report (PDF)

Emily Benson - Green Economy Coalition

On 24-26 February 2014, forty individuals representing diverse views including trade unions, business, civil society and policy convened at Wilton Park to discuss ‘Real Green Economies’. Contrary to the macro-economic models and analytical frameworks that have been developed by intern... Continue reading

June, 2014

Making green and social entrepreneurship work for all in the developing world

Helen Marquard and Amelie Heuer

With the target date for the Millennium Development Goals (MDGs) approaching, consultations are taking place globally to draw out insights that can contribute to the “Post-2015 Development Agenda and Framework”. In this context, the SEED Initiative recently took part in the inter... Continue reading

June, 2014
Simon Zadek.jpg

Green or Greenspan

Simon Zadek

When forced to explain why so few anticipated the global financial crisis, former US Federal Reserve Chairman Alan Greenspan blamed in his Foreign Affairs article “Never Saw it Coming“, anim... Continue reading

June, 2014
Adrian Ely.jpg

Power and economies of scale are colour-blind

Adrian Ely

In the run-up to the Rio+20 conference, the emerging ‘green economy’ agenda came under a certain amount of criticism for its downplaying of poverty alleviation and social justice aspects of sustainable development.  A year before the conference, Jim Thomas of the ETC Group Continue reading

June, 2014

Introducing South Africa's green entrepreneurship hub

Mao Amis

The risk of climate change is all around us and it’s quite apparent that the most vulnerable in society are bearing the brunt of this risk. Whether you speak to smallholder farmers on the rolling slopes of the Rwenzori mountains in Uganda – where rainfall has reduced by more than 20% ... Continue reading

June, 2014

Are we ready to seize green opportunities?

Gaylor Montmasson-Clair

South African businesses are in a strong position to take advantage of the transition to a green economy.

The green economy can stimulate growth, enhance competitiveness and open new markets, both locally and globally. An abundance of natural resources, predominantly solar and wind, but a... Continue reading

May, 2014

What does wellbeing mean to Northern Ireland?

Lauren Pennycook - Carnegie Trust

More than ever, academics, governments and civil society organisations are recognising the need to involve the public in measuring what matters in our daily lives. Behind this move towards public participation is the firm belief that if we can measure our wellbeing more accurately as a society, t... Continue reading

April, 2014
Beyond GDP.jpg

GDP hits retirement age

Emily Benson - Green Economy Coalition

2014 marks an important, if unnoticed, anniversary. Gross Domestic Product (GDP) is now eighty years old. Born in 1934 and in active service until 1944, GDP is an elderly pensioner. The measurement has had a venerable career; having originally been devised to provide information about economic ac... Continue reading