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March, 2015

Report: Decoding China’s path to green economy

Chris Hopkins - Green Economy Coalition

The report “China's path to a green economy: decoding China’s green economy concepts and policies” (link) is joint authored by IIED’s Xiaoxue Weng, and Dr. Zhanfeng Dong, Qiong Wu and Ying Qinvthe of the Continue reading

February, 2015
wwf greener budget.jpg

WWF-UK proposes 'Greener Budget' to safeguard the UK’s economic future

Toby Roxburgh - WWF-UK.

In its new report ‘A Greener Budget: sustaining our prosperity in a changing world’ (link), WWF-UK sets out a suite of practical policy recommendations that would... Continue reading

February, 2015
planetery bounderies.jpg

What Planetary Boundaries 2.0 mean for green economy

Victor Anderson - Anglia Ruskin University

A new version of the influential ‘planetary boundaries’ analysis was published in January.  Many of the authors are the same as those who wrote th... Continue reading

February, 2015

Georgia leading the way on Natural Capital Valuation

Chris Hopkins - Green Economy Coalition

Georgia, nestled among the soaring Caucasus Mountains belongs to one of 34 globally significant "biodiversity hotspots" identified by Conservation International. Georgia's ecosystem services serve as a powerful engine of economic growth in sectors such as agriculture, energy, touris... Continue reading

February, 2015

The Profitability of Sustainable Companies: Towards a Rating System

Luisa Nenci - SustainValues

Some investors are already screening companies through enhanced qualitative parameters. However, these practices usually lead investors to companies operating in a green sector (for example renewable energy projects) and not to “normal” companies in the process of implementing a green... Continue reading

February, 2015
who value.jpg

Who values nature: the power to create new biodiversity markets?

Dario Kenner -

For many, nature has intrinsic value which means it’s unquantifiable and priceless. The process of economic valuation attempts to go beyond this to quantify and place economic values on ‘ecosystem services’ - for... Continue reading

January, 2015

Facing up to CEO climate complacency

Diana Kool - Green Economy Coalition

Last week, PwC’s report prompted Jo Confino at The Guardian to point out the worrying lack of interest in climate change among CEOs. Shockingly, the ... Continue reading

January, 2015

Economic quality over quantity as Shanghai discards GDP target

Chris Hopkins - Green Economy Coalition

There has been a nationwide move across China to look beyond the world leading raw GDP growth figures of the last 30 years and focus on a range of broader metrics, including environmental and employment performance.

Around 70 smaller Chinese cities and counties abandoned GDP targets in 20... Continue reading

January, 2015

A lesson in practical divestment: against carbon, for… what?

Chris Hopkins - Green Economy Coalition

Towards the end of 2014, carbon divestment enjoyed substantial global attention on the back of several high profile campaigns, the September UN climate summit, and IPCC confirmation of the imminent need to cut carbon to stay below 2°C warming.

... Continue reading
December, 2014

Post-Lima, is the UN’s climate change body still fit for purpose?

Saleemul Huq - IIED

Going into the Lima talks there was a great sense of optimism buoyed by the successful climate change summit held by the UN secret... Continue reading