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February, 2016
business against TTIP.jpg

Do trade deals threaten a greener future?

Andrew Raingold

Trade agreements - historically - have shown that they can be good for economic growth and good for people. They might not have been “green” but they have been generally successful in stimulating economic activity through reducing or eliminating tariffs, quotas and other trade restric... Continue reading

January, 2016

Sustainability - Making it personal

Green Economy Coalition

The WBCSD’s 'Vision 2050' calls for a new agenda for business laying out a pathway to a world in which nine billion people can live well, and within the planet’s resources, by mid-century.

Telling a story of personal growth and corporate transformation, 'Personal a... Continue reading

January, 2016
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9 theses on criticizing the green economy

Barbara Unmüßig and Lili Fuhr and Thomas Fatheuer

The authors call for radical realism and the courage to recognize the complexity of the global crises. They assert that the key will be to keep advancing the project of the modern era while taking our current knowledge of the planet’s boundaries and a vision of broad democratic part... Continue reading

December, 2015

The world can't afford another carbon cop out

Euan Munro - Aviva Investors

Light-touch regulation was one of the main causes of the global financial crisis. Yet, policymakers could be sleepwalking into a new catastrophe if COP 21 fails to agree a global mandatory target to reduce carbon emissions.

It is not just coral reefs and polar bears that are under threat ... Continue reading

December, 2015

Senegal hosts the first 'PAGE Week' in support of local green economy

Cem Bektas - Green Economy Coalition

The UN Partnership for Action on Green Economy (PAGE) held its first edition of PAGE Week on 17-18 November 2015 with the main aim of providing a platform for exchange and sharing experiences on the transition to a green economy in Senegal.

... Continue reading
November, 2015
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A call to climate action as CEOs press for a strong Paris agreement

Green Economy Coalition

A majority of business leaders say that a long term agreement at the UN climate summit (COP21) in Paris is critical to supporting private sector investment in low carbon solutions, according to a global study... Continue reading

October, 2015

The SDGs speak and we like what we hear

Ina Porras - IIED

It is not unusual to hear good ideas on what to do, or not to do, about climate change. The surprise comes when you feel they make sense.

This is the case with the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), the 1... Continue reading

October, 2015
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UNEP Finance Inquiry launches 'The Financial System We Need' report

Green Economy Coalition

The UNEP Inquiry team, led by Mahenau Agha, Simon Zadek, and Nick Robins, have faced the challenge of harnessing the assets of the world’s financial system to deliver sustainability, and has uncovered three key findings:

... Continue reading
October, 2015
pope SDG.jpg

Frankly Speaking: The Pope, the Summit, and Altering Course

Steven Stone - UNEP

Big, bold, vibrant - New York City is nothing if not an exciting epicenter of thought and action, and never more so than the weekend of September 25-27, when over 100 Heads of State gathered to celebrate and formally adopt the Sustainable... Continue reading

September, 2015
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A personal perspective on the ethics of climate change

Green Economy Coalition

I am an astronomer. I am mindful that our Earth is 45 million centuries old, but that this century is special.
It is the first century when one species – ours – can determine the fate of the biosphere. That is because of anthropogenic stresses to ecosystems, and the unintended... Continue reading