Green economic sectors

A green economy is one that founded on green economic services and industries that provide decent work and stable employment prospects. Our coalition members share their thinking on how to green economic sectors below. To respond to these articles just click on the comment boxes.

June, 2014

Are we ready to seize green opportunities?

Gaylor Montmasson-Clair

South African businesses are in a strong position to take advantage of the transition to a green economy.

The green economy can stimulate growth, enhance competitiveness and open new markets, both locally and globally. An abundance of natural resources, predominantly solar and wind, but also the minerals needed for the development of green technologies and biodiversity, coupled with a solid financial sector and innovative industries, position South Africa to play a leading role in a greener world.

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January, 2014

Can the Sustainable Development Goals reduce our appetite?

Lewis Akenji

The answer is in our appetites; our appetite for stuff! All that stuff we dig out of the ground to feed our growth economies, the stuff we buy from supermarkets then use and discard the next day - just think of the excessive shopping and discarding this Christmas season alone - the consequences of which wreck our home planet and bring stress to our societies. If we can find a way to rein in our appetites, we would be more than half through the journey to a sustainable civilization. That is our sustainable development goal.... Continue reading

April, 2013
China LEDs.jpg

What does the Green Economy look like?

Laurie Goering - Alertnet Climate

Few people - including most of the experts pushing for one - have painted a clear picture of what a green economy would include, which is one reason it has been so hard to build enthusiasm for a shift.

Yet it turns out that many parts of the world - including some surprising locales - are taking important and unexpected steps toward creating economies that use natural resources sustainably, create jobs, reduce inequalities in society and don't lead to runaway climate change.

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January, 2013
New York green bank.jpg

New York announces $1 Billion 'green bank'

Stephen Lacey - Think Progress

New York City officials are thinking more about climate resiliency in the aftermath of Superstorm Sandy. But adaptation — making the city more resilient to intensifying extreme weather — is only one part of an effective strategy.

Mitigating climate change through clean energy and other carbon reduction efforts is just as important. And New York Governor Andrew Cuomo seems to understand that.

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December, 2012

Green labels? It's time to get real

Ramon Arratia - Sustainability Director at Interface

The idea of life cycle assessment (LCA) has been around since the 1970s, but companies are only just beginning to tap into its real potential. Companies are realising that publishing environmental impacts for all their products across their whole life cycle (full product transparency) has the power to align the stars – to create a consistent approach to sustainability activity in every part of the business and to get everyone telling the same story. What your product designers focus on is the same as what your sales force talks about.... Continue reading

November, 2012

39 years, as never before

Jonathan Grant - PwC

The annual rate of reduction of carbon emissions per unit of GDP needed to limit global warming to 2C, has passed a critical threshold according to new analysis from PwC. The rate of reduction now required has never been achieved before.

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November, 2012

Green economy is working

Luke Wreford - One Planet Economy team - WWF

Recent analysis has shown the growing importance of low-carbon and environmental industries to the UK economy: they now contribute 8% to GDP and employ almost a million people – more than the motor trade and telecoms combined.

It’s true that green sectors are doing well while others are struggling – but to accelerate momentum and fully realise the economic and environmental benefits, the government needs to take some crucial decisions over the next couple of months.

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September, 2012
Green Africa Directory.jpg

New green shoots in Africa

Kate Berrisford - Green Africa Directory

We are perhaps all too familiar with the mantra of 'development first, environment later' particularly given the scale of economic stagnation that is characterising so many parts of the world. However, a green economy that is geared towards low-carbon, low environmental-impact and resource efficient production and consumption, offers huge potential for economies at all levels of development.

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June, 2012
Women and green economy.jpg

Women and the green economy

Nidhi Tandon

The concept of the 'green economy' is a complex one, and the international community has yet to come to a political consensus on its meaning, use, usefulness, ensuing policy implications, or what actually constitutes a green economy.

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April, 2012
Amapa Dialogue.jpg

Amazonian state leads the way to a green economy

Steve Bass - IIED

The foundations have recently been established for a Green Economy program for Amapá state, in the Brazilian Amazon. On March 27th-28th a seminar was held in Macapá, the state capital, to discuss how to reorient some of Amapa’s existing sectors towards greener, more inclusive approaches, and to explore new ‘green business’ opportunities. A very significant range of opportunities and needs soon became apparent, and a draft plan was prepared for prioritizing and tackling them.

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