Governance and measurement

Improving governance and measurement – measuring what matters: Green economic governance will redefine progress in light of environmental and societal needs; and make governments, businesses and people more accountable for their actions.

March, 2011

An ombudsman for future generations?

Victor Anderson - WWF

The problems of the market are often reflected in problems in political systems. The short-termism of the way markets often function, creating instability for business and for whole national economies can unfortunately be amplified by the short-termism of democratic political systems.

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February, 2011
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Long term shareholding for a green economy

Victor Anderson - WWF

To enable businesses to function more sustainably, mechanisms to encourage long-term thinking should be introduced.

Are our structures of economic decision-making fit for purpose? That depends on what the purpose is, of course. If decisions need to be made for the long-term, and if they should take into account a balance of different interests and concerns, which they should, then the answer has surely got to be no.

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