Governance and measurement

Improving governance and measurement – measuring what matters: Green economic governance will redefine progress in light of environmental and societal needs; and make governments, businesses and people more accountable for their actions.

February, 2012
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Report or Explain...

Guest author - Teresa Fogelberg - GRI

How can markets, governments, companies and consumers together make the needed transition to a sustainable Green Economy? This is one of the key questions to be discussed during the last phase of the preparatory process of the Rio+20 conference. The negotiations need to aim at a bold and innovative decision; one which will be vital to the success of the conference, and contribute to the future we want. To this end, the zero draft represents a good starting point, referencing the disclosure of sustainability information by businesses.

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January, 2012

How can stock exchanges drive the sustainability agenda?

Guest Author - Mark Robertson - EIRIS

2012 ought to be a big year for sustainable investment.  Calls for a more responsible approach to capitalism are growing, along with the sense that a more sophisticated understanding of investment risk – one which takes longer-term sustainability issues into account – is urgently required.

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January, 2012
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Green Economy Coalition gives Rio 2012 text a Grade B: Good effort, but really MUST try harder

Emily Benson and Oliver Greenfield

Twenty years on from the first summit on sustainable development, this week the UNCSD Bureau released their first negotiating draft for Rio 2012.  They have called the draft ‘the future we want’.  They say that it aims towards a ‘prosperous, secure and sustainable future for our people and our planet’. They express their ‘determination to pursue the green economy in the context of sustainable development and poverty eradication’.... Continue reading

October, 2011

A case for Ombudspersons for Future Generations

Guest Author - Alice Vincent - World Future Council

There are many Rio dinosaurs roaming the planet at the moment. By that, I mean actors across the political scene – from civil society, to civil servants, to academics and practitioners – who actively took part in the 1992 Rio Earth Summit over twenty years ago. Their institutional memory and experience is invaluable and their knowledge of the issues second-to-none.

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October, 2011

China – a learner & a leader in green leapfrogging?

Guest Author -Dongying Wang - Global Environmental Institute

During the last couple of years, China has taken a huge, globally-recognized step to make its economy more sustainable. The green agenda was added to government programmes, incorporated in business strategies and integrated into teaching schemes. How did this process come to life?

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August, 2011

Governing a green economy

Tom Bigg - IIED

Over the last few years the concept of a green economy has crept from the fringes of political discourse and into the mainstream. Whilst the term may feel like a new concept, it is a vision that is founded on forty years of thinking on sustainable development. That vision is for an economy that produces a range of social and environmental, as well as economic, benefits for individuals, communities, and society overall. It is a vision of environmental governance that restores and protects the resilience of ecosystems and the biodiversity within them, and thus secures the many services they provide. It is a vision of development that uses natural resources sustainably, allocating environmental benefits and costs fairly to achieve a more just and equitable society.

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August, 2011

How the UK government can turn its green vision into reality

Andrew Raingold

You would be forgiven for missing the launch last week of the government's vision for "Enabling the Transition to a Green Economy". In the midst of the turmoil on global stock markets, it was published not with a bang but a whimper. There was no press release or media briefing, just a few generic Ministers statements posted on departmental websites.

This is a real shame as the vision is a step in the right direction. The suite of reports provide a very credible foundation on which the government can rebuild a tarnished image of striving towards being the greenest ever.

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July, 2011
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Quality of life indexes gaining ground

Hazel Henderson - Ethical Markets Media

GDP tracks national output using money flows, which its inventor Simon Kuznets warned was never intended to measure overall progress. GDP reporting in mass media became a "fetish". GDP focuses economic competition between nations, justifying interest rates on their sovereign bonds. GDP obsesses politicians seeking election and all business leaders. Media amplify GDP in their global echo chambers. Investors and security analysts follow GDP in benchmarking performance of securities and central bankers.

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June, 2011

Three angles on green growth

Steve Bass - IIED

How can you marry environment and development? Over the past two years, governments and businesses have begun to trumpet 'green growth' as one way of boosting economic growth without compromising environmental sustainability.

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June, 2011

The Green Growth Strategy: Reshaping the OECD’s Work Agenda for the Years to Come

Guest Author - Nathalie Girouard - OECD

The Green Growth Strategy was delivered to the OECD Ministerial Council Meeting in May 2011. Ministers from over forty countries welcomed the Strategy as a useful tool for expanding economic growth and job creation through the sustainable use of natural resources, efficiencies in the use of energy, and valuation of ecosystem services. Its key publications include: Towards Green Growth, Towards Green Growth: Monitoring Progress - OECD Indicators, Tools for Delivering Green Growth, and Towards Green Growth: A summary for policy makers.

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