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GEC Governance

8 September, 2016

The Green Economy Coalition is governed by a Steering Group which meets every two months to decide on strategic and management issues (see minutes), and is coordinated by a small Secretariat housed at IIED's offices in London (contact secretariat).

Major Group for NGOs push for binding targets at Rio+20

26 January, 2012

The Major Group for NGOs underline in their final draft statement that the Rio 2012 zero draft of the outcome document fails to propose binding targets and actions. NGOs call for more transparency and public participation in decision-making processes and support the idea of an Ombudsperson for Future Generations to monitor progress on SDGs and the green economy agenda. To ensure accountability, private sector activities must be comprehensively assessed, through full cost environmental accounting and cradle-to-cradle approaches in the production cycle.

Mexico sees green growth as one of its priorities during G20 presidency

12 January, 2012

Mexico assumed presidency of the G20 for 2012. In this role, the Mexican government highlighted its commitment to promoting sustainable development, green growth and fighting climate change as one of 5 priorities. While economic stabilization, strengthening the financial system and food security are high on the agenda, Mexico underlines that these goals have to be enclosed by a renewed commitment for sustainable development.

The Future of Finance

17 December, 2011

A “The Future of Finance” report, co-authored by the Center for Responsible Business at the University of California – Berkeley and the research consultancy GlobeScan interviewed 60 experts inside and outside the finance sector on how the industry will evolve during the next 10 years. Experts underlined that the current economic uncertainty presents an opportunity for the financial sector to reengage with society and deliver benefits beyond profitability.

Indonesians hold seminar to discuss Green Economy

6 December, 2011

This November, The Indonesia Center for Sustainable Development (ICSD), in cooperation with the Indonesian Ministry of National Development Planning (BAPPENAS) and other government agencies, held a conference entitled "Towards a Green Economy: Lessons in Phase Transitions". The seminar was attended by 150 people and speakers came from a variety of different sectors - national companies, local NGOs, government, academia and members of the House of Representatives. It represented a first step towards a wider dialogue and it aimed at bringing all parties together to discuss and synergize their ongoing work related to the green economy. 

UNCTAD Expert Meeting on the Green Economy, Trade and Sustainable Development

6 December, 2011

The meeting, which took place from 8-10 November 2011, in Geneva, Switzerland, included a high-level session on the necessary conditions for the green economy in the context of the Rio+20, during which speakers also discussed the key aspects of a transition to the green economy, focusing on country perspectives and management aspects of the transition at the national level. Moreover, the role of trade-related measures were discussed, including potential trade tensions created by green policies and options for international cooperation to mitigate such tensions.

Meeting our energy challenges through accelerated innovation

29 November, 2011

How to maintain modern energy services and expand energy access to another 1.4 billion people while mitigating climate change? Low-carbon technologies have potential but are still expensive compared to high-carbon alternatives and face different performance challenges. According to the WRI paper Two Degrees of Innovation - How to Seize the Opportunities in Low-Carbon Power, it is innovation improvements in cost and performance that will close the gap between the low-carbon technologies of today and the low-cost, high performance technologies the world needs.

McKinsey Report on resource revolution

29 November, 2011

Resource prices are rising and becoming more volatile. If economies are to continue growing, while guaranteeing welfare and environmental quality, a resource revolution must happen in the coming years. The new McKinsey report Resource Revolution: Meeting the world’s energy, materials, food, and water needs argues this resource challenge can be met, and it will be through a combination of expanding the supply of resources and a steping change in the way they are extracted, converted, and used.

China's progress towards Durban

25 November, 2011

As its negotiators head to Durban, South Africa for the next round of the UNFCCC climate negotiations, China can point to significant progress in domestic climate policy since the Cancun negotiations a year ago. The White Paper realeased by the Chinese government on its climate change activities shows that more bold and region-specific targets have been set, there is more investment in renewables and development of carbon trading schemes.

UNEP hosts forum on Ecosystem Management and the Green Economy

25 November, 2011

The High-level International Forum on Ecosystem Management and the Green Economy, hosted by the UN Environment Programme (UNEP) in collaboration with the Chinese Academy of Sciences (CAS), took place last week (18/11) in Beijing, China with participation from over 200 experts, scientists, officials, as well as business leadears and civil society representatives.