Glimpses of a green economy

We're not there yet, but the good news is there's already plenty of innovation underway across the world that can help us gather a glimpse of a greener and fairer future. Initiatives are underway both in the North and the South; are being pioneered by citizens and businesses and governments; and they are happening at the local, national and international scale. Do explore these glimpses of a green economy. 

The case studies featured here will be continuously updated. Please contact us with any comments or suggestions.

Green economic sectors

Zero-emission scooters (Japan) Zero-emission scooters (Japan)
Cleaner buses (Colombia) Cleaner buses (Colombia)
Electric transport systems for islands (Hawaii) Electric transport systems for islands (Hawaii)
A biodiesel bus (Rwanda) A biodiesel bus (Rwanda)
Eco-industrial park (Denmark) Eco-industrial park (Denmark)
Grameen Shakti (Bangladesh) Grameen Shakti (Bangladesh)