Green transition scoreboard

Green transition scoreboard

The Green Transition Scoreboard is a new tool developed by Ethical Markets Media to track private investments in sustainable green economic activities worldwide. Aiming to drive private investors to shift their funds away from fossilized sectors towards investing in greener industries, it allows us to monitor the ethical progress of wealth-building as defined by the triple bottom line of planet, people and profits.

The scoreboard serves as a public service to provide data and reform market metrics globally - particularly since developing countries, often leading the transition to greener economies, lack the tools to measure this progress. It currently tracks five sectors with substantial capital investment in green technologies: Renewable energy, efficiency and green construction, clean teach, smart grid and corporate R&D in green transition technologies.

The latest GTS report shows that from 2007 to the first quarter of 2011, private green investments totalled more than $2 trillion worldwide. With investments exceeding $2 trillion in the last years, global investments are indeed on track to reach the $10 trillion investment goal by 2020, highlighting that investors are in fact shifting their assets in a sustainable direction and green activities are becoming mainstream.

The goal for future private investment would be to direct 10% of portfolios directly to companies driving the global green transition, and with the data provided by the GTS, security analysts can now update asset allocation models to emphasise green markets. This allows us to track the transition, highlighting the positive achievements of the last years while simultaneously providing the data for further green investments in the future.

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