Glimpses of a green economy

We're not there yet, but the good news is there's already plenty of innovation underway across the world that can help us gather a glimpse of a greener and fairer future. Initiatives are underway both in the North and the South; are being pioneered by citizens and businesses and governments; and they are happening at the local, national and international scale. Do explore these glimpses of a green economy. 

The case studies featured here will be continuously updated. Please contact us with any comments or suggestions.

Green financial systems

The Economics of Ecosystems and Biodiversity The Economics of Ecosystems and Biodiversity (TEEB)
Municipal ecobudget (Philippines) Municipal ecobudget (Philippines)
Green bonds Green bonds

Green governance and measurement

Green transition scoreboard Green transition scoreboard
The Happy Planet Index The Happy Planet Index
Gross National Happiness (Bhutan) Gross National Happiness (Bhutan)

Green economic sectors

A solar road (Netherlands)
A “waterless” washing machine (UK) A “waterless” washing machine (UK)
Vertical farming Vertical farming
Sustainable foods (Switzerland) Sustainable foods (Switzerland)
Green vending machines Green vending machines
The Marine Stewardship Council The Marine Stewardship Council
Pachamama Coffee Cooperative Pachamama Coffee Cooperative
Urban farms (Cuba) Urban farms (Cuba)
Floating gardens in Mexico and Bangladesh Floating gardens (Mexico, Bangladesh)
The plant oil stove (Philippines) The plant oil stove (Philippines)

Natural world

Harvesting rainwater (India) Harvesting rainwater (India)
Working for Water programme of the South African government Working for water (South Africa)
Restoring floodplains (Cameroon) Restoring floodplains (Cameroon)
Adapting to climate change (Oceania) Adapting to climate change (Oceania)
Mata de Sesimbra (Portugal) Mata de Sesimbra (Portugal)
Max Havelaar (Netherlands) Max Havelaar (Netherlands)
Social Enterprises Social Enterprises

Social justice

Greening the Bronx Greening the Bronx (USA)
NOAH'S ARK Project (European Union) NOAH'S ARK Project (European Union)
The Hard Rain Project The hard rain project